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Hello, my name is Sophie! From a very young age my Mum and my Grandma, a manic knitter, always encouraged me to sew and be creative. I studied printed textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University from 1998-2001 and after various creative jobs I am am now devoting more and more time to Sew Far So Good. I make very special bespoke hand embroidered and applique cushions and quilts and have also taught beginners classes at The Thrifty Stitcher studio, in Stoke Newington. Please chaco out my ‘Commercial work’ and ‘Commissions’ pages, for more info of my work to date.

Textiles runs in the family and as i have already mentioned my Mum (who is originally from the Loire Valley in France and who’s maiden name is Tricot – Knitting in English!) made alot of things for our home, when I was growing up and can still run up the odd pair of curtains in a flash! My Grandmother has always made clothes and used to knit beautifully. I have also recently discovered that my French great-grand-mère Odile Tricot-Amiot went to a finishing school for 3 years where she learnt to sew, embroider, knit cook and crochet. It’s certainly a family affair and something that i’m very proud of.

Odile Tricot-Amiot when she graduated from finishing school.

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    • Hi Rosie

      I was lucky enough to get one of my friend however I do know that they do pop up now and again on Etsy and ebay. There’s also a new type of screen printer called a Yudu, so maybe look at that as an option. Thanks, sophie x

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