Agnes’ ABC Quilt

I was asked a while back if i would make a quilt on commission. My friend Sarah had seen the ABC quilt I was involved  in and asked me to make one for her, then unborn, daughter Agnes.

Although similar to the previous ABC quilt, this one has come out fairly differently. No two squares have the same fabric and, at Sarah’s request, the corners have a bird, an elephant, a rabbit and a peacock.


5 thoughts on “Agnes’ ABC Quilt

  1. It really is beautiful and I’m so pleased with it.
    My Grandma died in February not knowing I was pregnant and she had left me some money. Rather than spending all of the money on just baby ‘stuff’ (buggy, cot etc) I wanted something very special in her memory for her unborn great grandchild and Soph’s quilt certainly fits the bill as something VERY special.
    It will be going on the wall above Agnes’ cot.
    Thank you so much Soph xxxx

  2. We have just received a email from Sarah and have seen the beautiful quilt.
    It is gorgeous and sure to become a family heirloom.
    Congratulations Sophie!!
    Grandma and Grandpa in the North

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