Crafty Beggars

At the beginning of 2014, Ellie and I applied to be on a brand new show called Crafty Beggars. We were successful at getting on the show and filmed our episode over the May bank holiday weekend. It was 2 long days of filming but loads of fun. It was really interesting to see how things worked from behind the scenes and how the show was put together.

The first day was spent running around Brighton buying, begging and borrowing items to make our wares. We worked well into the night so that our cloud cushions and bears could be sold the next day in a market.


Then we were up early on the sunday to set up our stall and get selling.


Here we are with the presenters Wendy and Julie on our stall.

Find out if we won by watching the full episode here.



Tween Run Cloak

I have finally got around to making something to wear. It’s something i’ve been meaning to do for a while and the Tweed Run gave me a great excuse to go for it. I made a cloak based on a DIY Couture book. The outside of the cloak was a blue and green tweed with a green lining. I covered my own buttons and buttoned the sides to make it a little bit easier to cycle with.


And here’s a picture of me wearing it! Tally-Ho!

My First Quilt for Keeps!

It started 3 years ago, when I bought some fat quarters which I decided to put aside for my own quilt. The first blast of production was 2 years ago and finally it’s finished and on my bed. It took so long because of various commissions, stops and starts.

Below are some pictures of the process. Cutting out all the fat quarters, labelling and some planning (with some help from Ferris).


And here it is, showing a detail of my hand quilting.


With added Crumble…

Rafferty’s quilt

I was asked to be a Godmother, so I thought it would be fitting to make my Godson Rafferty a quilt (or a sheety, as it’s know in Polly and Tom’s, Raffi’s Mum and Dad, house!). Polly gave me a lot of fabric as she’d been gifted some by her sister. As a personal touch, the quilt includes some of Tom’s shirts. I have also included some of my own that are in my own triangle quilt.

I looked for a pattern for a while and after a few false starts finally settled on this one. It’s made up of triangles, which are my favourite at the moment, and has a hexagons, similar to his older brothers quilt. I have quilted it all by hand and finished the border on the machine, to make it more secure.

I’m hoping that it will be well loved and used all the time.



And here’s the lovely boy himself having a snooze! Big thanks to Polly for sending this picture to me yesterday and allowing me to publish it.





Jude’s Ice Cream

I met the lovely people from Jude’s Ice Cream at a Innocent Creative evening back in November 2013. Then fast forward a few months and they approached me to make a very special ice cream cosy for their favourite flavour. I love a new challenge and this was no exception. I think that Jude’s are on to something and maybe ice cream cosies are the future. You heard it here first!

The full blog post from Jude’s can be found here!