New sewing machine for Christmas!

I am feeling very lucky at the moment as I have just received a new sewing machine for Christmas. I have always been ¬†fortunate to get hand me down machines and now I have one which is fresh out of the box! My new machine is a Janome DC3050 Decor Computer. A far cry from my good old manual Frister+Rossman 416 which, don’t get me wrong has always been very reliable. My new Janome is digital and I’ve already had a go at all 50 stitches. The top loading bobbin makes it very easy and less fiddly to load upm plus there’s even a little hook device to make threading up easy peasy. One thing that I noticed straight away, it’s so quiet compared to my old one! It’s going to be very enjoyable to use, I can tell already. The first project i’m going to make on it is a dustcover to protect it. The cover that came with it is perfectly serviceable, but it has no pockets either end to store the foot pedal and all the accessories.

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