Jude’s Ice Cream

I met the lovely people from Jude’s Ice Cream at a Innocent Creative evening back in November 2013. Then fast forward a few months and they approached me to make a very special ice cream cosy for their favourite flavour. I love a new challenge and this was no exception. I think that Jude’s are on to something and maybe ice cream cosies are the future. You heard it here first!

The full blog post from Jude’s can be found here!

Tunnocks Tea Cake Cushion

Made with love and patience <3

A much loved iconic snack, hand embroidered, appliqued stripes and finished on the machine. This has definitely been one of my most favourites to work on and for the first time in a while i was a bit sad to have to post it off! Hopefully it will be well received, for a very special birthday.

A close up!

ABC Quilt

Last September, my very good friends Alice and Jon announced they were expecting. I had the idea that maybe I could make a quilt for their new arrival until I realised it would be much more special if it was made by their most crafty friends as a joint project. So over a few emails and a couple of evenings, Julene, Polly, Corinne and I started to plan our baby quilt.

We each had our own squares to sew and applique in our own time. Finally after Christmas we had all the squares finished to sew together.

A special mention should be made to Corinne, who completed her sewing with a broken wrist. She slipped on the ice before Christmas which meant her right wrist was in a cast!

Julene and I gradually joined the squares together. I put them through the machine and Julene expertly ironed them. We initially added a white border to frame the entire alphabet and backed it with wadding.

Once this stage was finished it was passed to Polly, who is the expert quilter among us! She suggested that we opted for a coloured and slightly patterned fabric as this would hide any day to day use. She quilted the whole blanket by hand using a zigzag pattern down the borders and a straight pattern down and across the squares. It was then washed by hand and left to dry on the line.

The end result is beautiful and I am so proud to have been involved in making this with some of my best friends. Hopefully little Holly, who was born on 12th February, will have it forever ♥