My First Quilt for Keeps!

It started 3 years ago, when I bought some fat quarters which I decided to put aside for my own quilt. The first blast of production was 2 years ago and finally it’s finished and on my bed. It took so long because of various commissions, stops and starts.

Below are some pictures of the process. Cutting out all the fat quarters, labelling and some planning (with some help from Ferris).


And here it is, showing a detail of my hand quilting.


With added Crumble…

Rafferty’s quilt

I was asked to be a Godmother, so I thought it would be fitting to make my Godson Rafferty a quilt (or a sheety, as it’s know in Polly and Tom’s, Raffi’s Mum and Dad, house!). Polly gave me a lot of fabric as she’d been gifted some by her sister. As a personal touch, the quilt includes some of Tom’s shirts. I have also included some of my own that are in my own triangle quilt.

I looked for a pattern for a while and after a few false starts finally settled on this one. It’s made up of triangles, which are my favourite at the moment, and has a hexagons, similar to his older brothers quilt. I have quilted it all by hand and finished the border on the machine, to make it more secure.

I’m hoping that it will be well loved and used all the time.



And here’s the lovely boy himself having a snooze! Big thanks to Polly for sending this picture to me yesterday and allowing me to publish it.





Martha & Nick’s Quilt

This was a commission for Christmas from Martha to Nick. It’s a 2.5 x 2metre quilt backed with 100% wool. The constellations, in the middle, are the northern hemisphere (kit bought from Haptic Lab) Martha came up with the concept and  i made it happen! The surrounding shapes are inspired by the mountain ranges around Chamonix (Mont Blanc, Aigle de Midi, etc.). It’s definitely the largest item i’ve made to date and took me roughly 95 hours (give or take…)

Here are some detailed pictures from the commission.


The stars where embroidered in glow in the dark thread! Thank you to Martha for the picture.

Converse Google+ Workshop

Back in November i successfully pitched to Converse and Google+ to run a Chuck Hack workshop. My idea was to patchwork and quilt a pair of Converse and in turn teach a class how to do it too. Originally booked for 12, i ended up with a mammoth class of 20! The trainers pictured above are currently on tour around Europe.

ABC Quilt

Last September, my very good friends Alice and Jon announced they were expecting. I had the idea that maybe I could make a quilt for their new arrival until I realised it would be much more special if it was made by their most crafty friends as a joint project. So over a few emails and a couple of evenings, Julene, Polly, Corinne and I started to plan our baby quilt.

We each had our own squares to sew and applique in our own time. Finally after Christmas we had all the squares finished to sew together.

A special mention should be made to Corinne, who completed her sewing with a broken wrist. She slipped on the ice before Christmas which meant her right wrist was in a cast!

Julene and I gradually joined the squares together. I put them through the machine and Julene expertly ironed them. We initially added a white border to frame the entire alphabet and backed it with wadding.

Once this stage was finished it was passed to Polly, who is the expert quilter among us! She suggested that we opted for a coloured and slightly patterned fabric as this would hide any day to day use. She quilted the whole blanket by hand using a zigzag pattern down the borders and a straight pattern down and across the squares. It was then washed by hand and left to dry on the line.

The end result is beautiful and I am so proud to have been involved in making this with some of my best friends. Hopefully little Holly, who was born on 12th February, will have it forever ♥